Compliance & Due Diligence Service


  • Full Compliance & Due Diligence Service
  • Become fully AMLA Compliant on your Transactions
  • Verification of Individuals & Companies
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

With todays intense regulatory requirements and recent amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Acts and with introduction of the PATRIOT Act, great responsibility is placed upon the Broker to ensure his Know Your Client (KYC) information is correct and currently.

These procedures are carried out by ourselves for all our transactions as a matter of course. However, for transactions independent from ourselves, Brokers can chose to use our compliance facilities on a standalone basis.

For Brokers, it is also a legal requirement to ensure that the information pertaining to the KYC on their client(s) is verified and correct. Any subsequent mis-happenings where information held by the Broker is not verified correctly, the Broker may be held responsible by governing authorities.

Therefore, to eliminate burden upon the Broker of these stringent compliance issues, ICS offer a full back-office standalone Compliance & Due Diligence Service to independent intermediaries that do not hold access to these facilities directly.

It is also necessary (dependant of the business the broker is undertaking) for the Broker firm to run and operate a Compliance Officer / Compliance Department. These back-office compliance tasks can be professionally undertaken on your behalf by ICS and our expert legal & compliance teams.

These services can include;

Basic Due Diligence: Primary Verification of Individuals Identity & History

  • Verification of Individuals Identity
  • Verification of Passport Originality
  • Database Searches (over 3000 databases internationally)
  • Credit Searches
  • Criminal Record Searches / Watch-list Searches
  • PEP Searches

Enhanced Due Diligence: Full Reporting


  • Full Due Diligence & Investigation Reports
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEPs) Compliance
  • AMLA / PATRIOT ACT Compliant

These services are undertaken in complete confidence and information is provided to the Broker directly from our Compliance Team. For further information or to receive a quotation, please email your requirements to

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