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The world of finance is a constantly changing environment, presenting new opportunities and challenges. To succeed and thrive we listen, learn and evolve to counter those changes and benefit. Located within one of the world?s premier banking communities, partnered with some of the largest financial institutions and professional service providers, Swift Giants Finance are at the cutting edge. Effective, viable solutions to meet your current financial requirements.

"Complex high-finance in plain simple English."

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Financing green energy.

"Financing green energy."

Professionally, dedicated and experienced providers.

"Professionally, dedicated and experienced providers."

Sailing through challenges.

"Sailing through challenges."

The right solution for the current scenario.

"The right solution for the current scenario."

The ability to move fast and effectively.

"The ability to move fast and effectively."

Accessing financial centres.

"Accessing financial centres."

Successfully evolving to meet ever changing market conditions.

"Successfully evolving to meet ever changing market conditions."

Modern, dynamic solutions for your company's financial needs.

"Modern, dynamic solutions for your company's financial needs."

A bespoke service for unique requirements.

"A bespoke service for unique requirements."

Experience, foresight and the ability to understand our Client's requirements.

"Experience, foresight and the ability to understand our Client's requirements."

Corporate Loans

Letters of Credit
  • International Jurisdictions
  • Bi-lateral & Syndicated
  • Competitive Lending Rates
  • Flexible Terms

We are pleased to announce that IntaCapital have been granted the opportunity to package corporate loan applications on behalf of several private lenders and equity investors. Working closely with these lenders, IntaCapital are able to facilitate medium term loans to selected clients for project finance, expansion capital, acquisitions and trading positions. We are able to facilitate all aspects of the application from initial approval to obtaining adequate security on behalf of our clients.

Terms from 12 to 84 months
Amounts from Euro 5 million, no maximum (subject to project stability)

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  • Credit Line Bank Guarantees
  • Monetise Instruments
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Fast Completions

Through existing credit relationships we are able to accommodate bank obligations such as Guarantees and Standby L/C?s for credit line and monetisation facilities. Offering up to 100% of security value, interest charges are deductable from the credit allowing facilities up to 36 months with no monthly or quarterly repayments.

Fast completion process and interest rates from 03,50% per 12 month period.

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Collateral Transfer

Collateral Transfer
  • Leasing of Bank Securities
  • Securities Lending
  • Providing Collaterals for Credit
  • Economical Solutions

Keeping track of the growing demand for Collateral Transfer and Securities Lending facilities (often referred to as leasing bank instruments), we are able to provide bespoke solutions to our clients allowing the provision of collaterals for the effective monetisation of leased securities.

Working with several international funds, we are able to offer competitive collaterals from rate of 06,50% per 12 month period. Terms up to 60 months.

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