Malicious Postings

Malicious Internet Postings


We are delighted to advise our clients that following US legal action we have taken against RipOff Report for malicious and libellous statements held on their web site about us, we have been successful in the US Courts. As a result we have been awarded a Court Order against Ripoff Report who must now remove all libellous and malicious statements about us. We hope therefore that this will be effected in the next 28 days.


We are indeed aware and have been for some time, that a single individual has made malicious internet postings on internet discussion forums and other unregulated internet sites about our Company.

We would like to advise all our clients that we are fully aware of the matter and are currently taking legal action against the culprit, a US citizen for his malevolent statements. However, due to the laws of the United States, the host sites of such malicious, wrongful and libellous remarks remain hidden behind US freedom of speech laws and legal action against them for their removal is time consuming.

An unscrupulous website called ripoff report has published untrue statements.

In the true nature of our Company, we wish to be transparent about this matter with our clients and we apologise if these malicious postings cause any inconvenience.

We would like to ensure all our clients that every single step is being taken against the perpetrator for his public statements and we are currently amidst legal action with him.

You may wish to view the following links which clearly show ripoff report as an alleged ‘extortion’ site to which we continue to battle. Visit WikiPedia to read about them.

You may also care to review the following links: YouTube Video of another victim of ripoff report and an article about the unscrupulous ‘editor in chief’ of their website. This unscrupulous web site has allegedly undertaken extortion attempts. You should also see

To see why these postings are ranking in Google search results; visit

Needless to say that his careless and malevolent remarks are untrue and incorrect in every detail, as our existing clients will certainly affirm.

Swift Giants Swiss and its senior officers undertake their business activity professionally and in accordance with Swiss law. We refute every statement made by this individual and welcome our clients to enquire to us for full details on the history of this unscrupulous individual.

Every step is taken to ensure that our clients receive the best advice at all times. Swift Giants Swiss has never levied advance fees or charges to our clients. In our conduct, we ensure full client satisfaction. Swift Giants Swiss, like most Swiss Banks, do not accept business from North American residents and this individual has never held dealings with Swift Giants Swiss. He has embarked on a personal slander campaign against our Company and its Directors. His remarks carry no fact, truth or claim.

Swift Giants Swiss is not subject to criminal complaint nor has it received any civil complaint. The remarks posted on the internet are incorrect, false and misleading.

The postings relate to a different Company within our Group that is trading correctly and professionally within the realms of its daily business activities. To this extent, they have named the individual concerned and explained the history behind the libel.

We respectfully ask that if any party wishes to conduct due diligence on our Company, that they employ the services of a professional Due Diligence Company that will provide them a professional service and that they do not rely on unqualified internet gossip and ‘google searches’ to conduct due diligence.

We always appreciate the support and understanding of our clients and would be pleased to receive your comments and support at

We thank you for your co-operation.